West Africa rises to the occasion

Renting a car in West Africa now means you can offset your carbon emissions by generating credits from the distribution of energy efficient stoves in Ivory Coast following the first carbon credits transaction involving a seller and a buyer in the region.

South Africa has a good story to tell

The South African Government’s work to attract foreign direct investment and ensure its even distribution is advancing our national social objectives, according to the findings of a recent study, writes Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe.

Le secteur des produits chimiques en Afrique du Sud

Le secteur des produits chimiques d’Afrique du Sud, y compris la production de carburant et de plastiques ainsi que de produits pharmaceutiques, est le plus important de ce type en Afrique et a ete identifie par le gouvernement comme un facteur essentiel de la croissance economique.

People, poverty and parks

Following a call by Nelson Mandela to make protected areas useful for poverty alleviation, the fifth World Parks Congress in Durban has passed a number of recommendations on poverty and protected areas, challenging the conventional approach of excluding people and prohibiting resource use within protected areas.