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Press release: Renewing international reputation with help from expatriates

South African expatriates living in Sydney, Australia, are fully behind Brand South Africa's efforts to renew the country's reputation as a great place to...

From Mogadishu to Mayfair: Somali diaspora finds home in Johannesburg

During apartheid, Somalia took in South Africans fleeing from an oppressive government. In recent times, South Africa has had to pay back the favour, taking in Somali refugees running from a civil war. In Johannesburg, particularly, Somalis have found a home in a bustling neighbourhood where their entrepreneurial spirit can thrive: Mayfair.

What African universities can do to attract academics back from the diaspora

The African academic diaspora can contribute positively to the continent – by offering their skills and expertise, or training young academics – especially if they partner up with African universities, writes Osabuohien P. Amienyi.

Brand SA’s Sowetan Dialogues set for Durban

Brand South Africa's Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogues is headed for Durban on 29 May, with the focus on Africa's contribution toward South Africa's fight against apartheid.

Diaspora dollars spur African development

The African diaspora, estimated at nearly 170-million people with ties to the continent living and working in the US and Europe, send over US$60-billion home every year, money that builds local African economies and reduces dependence on foreign aid.

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