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Youth Day: lessons from 1976

Young South Africans say they will be celebrating this year’s Youth Day - a public holiday celebrated in South Africa every year on 16 June, paying tribute to the hundreds of students who lost their lives in Soweto in 1976 - by standing up and confronting the challenges they face, just like their compatriots did 35 years ago.
Youth month marked in SA

Spotlight on South Africa’s street children

A new national strategy, aimed at addressing the specific needs of South Africa's street children, will offer guidance on their protection and reintegration, but will also focus on effective early intervention.
Youth Month focus on employment

SA to tackle anti-gay hate crimes

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has set up a national task team to tackle hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) South Africans.

More to benefit from social grants

South Africa is to spend over R104-billion on social grants to assist the most vulnerable in the country in 2011/12, with the number of beneficiaries projected to grow by a million to over 16-million people.

South Africa’s new Cabinet ministers

Six new Cabinet ministers and 12 new deputy ministers have been sworn in by Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo following a major Cabinet reshuffle by President Jacob Zuma. Here are quick profiles of some of the new faces in Zuma's Cabinet.

Helping SA’s child-headed households

The Department of Social Development and the German Development Bank have signed a R76-million deal to improve the living conditions of child- and youth-headed households in South Africa.

SA men get state pensions earlier

South Africa's amended Social Assistance Act now allows men aged 63 and 64 to apply for a state pension. Men who turn 61 and 62 in 2008 will be able to apply from April 2009, and by 2010 the eligibility age - at 60 years - will be equal between men and women.

The state of the nation

Statistics South Africa, the country’s national statistics board, has released the results of its annual general household survey, which reports on living conditions in South African homes and quality of service delivery in certain key sectors.

South Africa’s substance abuse helpline

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group has partnered with the government in launching a toll-free substance abuse helpline - 0800 121314 - to increase access to help, support and treatment for substance users.

Get set for smart card ‘explosion’

South Africa's smart card industry is poised for unprecedented growth, with three large-scale rollouts set to begin in 2005 and several more waiting in the wings.