Solar wi-fi lamps to connect rural areas

Solar wi-fi lamps to connect rural areas

South African-based technology company Net1 Mobile Solutions is preparing to roll out the Sun-e-light, a solar-powered lamp which also functions as a mobile phone charger and wi-fi hotspot, as part of a project aimed at opening up the digital world to people in rural areas.
'Iconic' walkway bridge to connect Alexandra

‘Iconic’ walkway bridge to connect Alexandra, Sandton

The City of Johannesburg is moving to overcome one of the legacies of apartheid spatial planning in an innovative way, with plans to build a cycling and pedestrian walkway - including a bridge over Africa's busiest highway - connecting Alexandra township with the business hub of Sandton.

How to Buy a Cellphone in South Africa

Everyone knows a free cellphone is not really free, but it has always seemed impossible to figure out what you are really paying. Until now, that is. A new guide to cellular phones and contracts promises to guide South African consumers through the traps and tricks of the industry.

SMS help for teens in distress

Teenagers feeling depressed or suicidal can now reach out for help by SMS. Skilled counsellors from the South African Depression and Anxiety Group will be on hand with help, information and practical advice - and teens in crisis will never get a "busy" signal.

‘Tin-can-do’ connects rural areas

"I can't believe I'm surfing the net," exclaims Agnes Mdluli's daughter, with a tin can and a bicycle spoke connecting their PC to the web. The "cantenna" is one of many innovations being explored to connect remote communities to the internet.