Conference of the Parties

Collaborative efforts at CITES CoP17 in South Africa

The 183 Parties were discussing 120 documents and 62 proposals at the 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to the Convention on International Trade...

Fate of white lions to be decided at CITES CoP17

The lions are once again kings of Timbavati in Limpopo. But their numbers in the wild remain small. CITES CoP17 is opening on 24...

South Africa prepares for CITES CoP17

It's all systems go as South Africa signs the host country agreement for the CITES CoP17 World Wildlife Conference to be held in Johannesburg this year. The logo for the conference, featuring a white rhino, has also been unveiled. The conference will focus on the illegal trade in endangered species.

South Africa to host next Cites conference

The 17th Conference of the Parties, bringing together all 181 members states of Cites, will be held in Joburg in 2016. South Africa is a well-chosen host. The country is battling the illegal trade in rhino horn and elephants tusks, and trying to stop the voracious poachers.

US firm, Durban talk ocean energy plan

US independent power provider Hydro Alternative Energy is in talks with the City of Durban on plans to develop a world-first project that would harvest hydrokinetic energy from the fast-flowing Agulhas current off South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal coastline.

Countries commit to COP 17 outcomes

Representatives from the 32 countries in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, meeting in Bonn, Germany this weekend, expressed their determination to build on the strong momentum of the UN climate talks in Durban.

Kyoto Protocol extended at COP17

The 17th Conference of the Parties ended on a high note in Durban, with the announcement that governments have agreed to a second term of the Kyoto Protocol.
Call to action for a green economy

Durban delivers climate breakthrough

It went far into overtime, but the UN climate summit hosted and steered by South Africa finally delivered the deal the world has been waiting for - a clear pathway to a legally binding instrument that will compel all countries, including the biggest polluters, to take action to slow the pace of global warming.

COP 17 president hails landmark talks

COP 17 president Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, herself lauded for steering the UN climate summit to a historic conclusion, has congratulated all the countries at the Durban conference for "rising to the occasion when it was most required".

Crunch time for Durban climate talks

As heads of state and government ministers start arriving in Durban for the UN climate talks, negotiators are hoping that, come end of the week, some kind of political compromise will have been reached to break the stalemate on a range of issues.