Patriotism inspired by Participation

With 2022 finally winding down, we are called to rally together behind a familiar banner, one requiring tolerance and acceptance. The banner of reconciliation....

16 days of unity against Gender Based Violence

Violence, in any denomination, leaves a scar on the face of humanity. We are bound by a mutual understanding that promotes peace and the...
SA Flag

Brand South Africa encourages young entrepreneurs to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit through the Play...

With small businesses being the backbone of the economy, South African youth need to play their part as the future leaders of industry in...

Businesses urged to team up for innovation

Innovation is critical to manufacturing success, but equally, you cannot innovate in a box. Business leaders and professionals at the second Manufacturing Indaba heard how collaboration was key.

‘Huge potential’ for BRICS science collaboration

Biotechnology, space science and renewable energy offer "real opportunities for extensive cooperation" between the BRICS countries, Science and Technology Minister Derek Hanekom said at the first BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting outside Cape Town on Monday.

SA calls for French backing on Africa

South Africa will count on France's support for the implementation of UN Resolution 2033, which calls for closer coordination between the UN Security Council and the African Union Peace and Security Council, President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

First MeerKAT telescope foundation laid

The concrete for the first MeerKAT antenna foundation was poured at South Africa's Square Kilometre Array site in the Northern Cape on Wednesday. The 64-dish MeerKAT, a precursor to the SKA, will come on line in 2016 as one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.

Skull supports Africa origins theory

New analysis of a skull discovered in South Africa over 50 years ago has provided critical corroboration of genetic evidence indicating that modern humans originated in sub-Saharan Africa and migrated to colonise Europe and Asia around 30 000 to 40 000 years ago.

SA Internet access set to grow

A report on South Africa's Internet industry predicts that after a three-year slowdown, 2004 will see a boost in Internet access growth in the country - as well as the biggest explosion yet of technology options available to South African Internet users.

SA’s HIV+ Muppet goes global

The United Nations Children's Fund has appointed Kami, the HIV-positive puppet who appears on the South African children's television show Takalani Sesame, as its special advocate for children who have HIV/Aids or have become Aids orphans.