Top Gear films new series in South Africa, Lesotho

The revamped Top Gear motoring show, now featuring British radio personality Chris Evans and former Friends star Matt LeBlanc as hosts, has begun filming its new series, and the show has chosen South Africa and Lesotho as its first destinations.

Gauteng motorists urged to ditch cars

Residents of South Africa's wealthiest province are being encouraged to make the switch from motorised transport as Gauteng's Department of Roads and Transport finalises plans to create a dedicated network of pedestrian and cycling routes in and around Johannesburg.

Are you ready for cleaner petrol?

From the beginning of 2006, all leaded petrol will be phased out in South Africa and new octane grades introduced. Although most modern cars already use unleaded petrol, drivers of pre-1996 cars should check whether their cars will run on the new fuels.