SKA South Africa invests in local people

While the Square Kilometre Array South Africa (SKA SA) may be globally renowned for its cutting-edge science and advanced technology, the project's proudest contribution...

SKA South Africa unveils ‘First Light’ image from outer space

CD Anderson The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope project, near the town of Carnarvon in the remote Northern Cape, revealed the first image of...
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SKA awards bursaries to five matriculants

The world renowned radio telescope project, the Square Kilometre Array (South Africa), has awarded full bursaries for undergraduate studies to five outstanding matric students from the nearby Carnarvon High School. The project is determined to boost science and maths education.

SKA will drive growth of Africa’s human capital

The Square Kilometre Array will contribute to Africa's efforts to build innovation-led, knowledge-based economies, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. It fits into African Union's Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy and is developing a new cohort of young scientists.

Time-travelling SKA to look back at the birth of stars

Foreign journalists touring South Africa's centres of innovation excellence were given an inside look at the country's Square Kilometre Array project, an international effort to build the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world, two-thirds of which are being built right here.

SA to host first BRICS science meeting

The first Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) ministerial meeting on science, technology and innovation will take place in Kleinmond in the Western Cape from 10 to 11 February.

SKA – who gets what

Now that the long wait is over and the co-hosts of the Square Kilometre Array have been announced, South Africa and Australia can get on with the business of building the world’s biggest scientific instrument.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA

SKA jobs boost for Northern Cape

The Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project will create new work opportunities in the Northern Cape, giving young people in particular the chance to pursue skills in science, engineering, technology and artisanry.

South Africa, Australia to share SKA?

A decision on the site of the Square Kilometre Array has been delayed to allow a scientific working group to explore ways of maximising investments already made by rival bidders South Africa and Australia-New Zealand - raising the possibility that the hosting of the world's biggest radio telescope could be shared.

New ‘first’ for Africa’s SKA prototype

South Africa's KAT-7 telescope, a seven-dish array which is a precursor to the much larger MeerKAT telescope and a prototype for the Square Kilometre Array, has reached another milestone by producing the first atomic hydrogen spectral line images of a nearby galaxy.