Cape Malay

South African cuisine

South Africa offers culinary challenges from crocodile sirloins to fried caterpillars to sheep heads, but also a familiar global menu - anything from hamburgers to sushi to pad thai to spaghetti bolognaise. Check out the menu.

Backpacking in South Africa

If you've got more time than money, there's no better way to see South Africa than to backpack your way around its many offerings: spectacular beauty, a mosaic of cultures, incredible value for money, massive adventure potential - and an undeniable penchant for partying!

Londoners get a taste of South African food

South African cuisine takes centre stage at a restaurant in London. Situated near Buckingham Palace, bbar serves everything from boerewors to bunny chow. Compiled by...

Cooking in Cariema Isaacs’ Cape Malay kitchen

Cape Malay cooking has left its unique mark on South Africa’s collective heritage. It is known and loved across the country. Cariema Isaacs, author...

The South African who dresses the walkers

Eulyn Hufkie-Womble makes her mark on the zombies in the international television series, The Walking Dead. She's a dab hand at making new clothes look old, and at adding litres of pus and blood. She also gives each character a signature piece.

Ubuntu comes to the Big Apple

There is no society that has as much wealth, culturally and musically, as South Africa, says Hugh Masekela. That incredible richness and extraordinary diversity is explored and honoured in Ubuntu: Music and Arts of South Africa, a month-long arts and culture festival hosted by New York City's landmark Carnegie Hall.

District Six: coming home

For more than three decades, Zahrah Hendricks dreamed of returning to her childhood home. The vibrant streets and sense of community of District Six have been bittersweet memories most of her life. Yet now she is among those families who are returning, intent on rebuilding their neighbourhood.

The rainbow nation on a plate

By Amelia du Plessis
13 September 2013

South Africa is known for many things, not least of all its variety. This variety extends from its cultures and languages to the arts, crafts and cuisine that South Africans enjoy. This is a land of flavours, colours, sounds and magnificent people, which all come together to create what is affectionately known as our Rainbow Nation.

Food has always been a very important part of the culture and identity of any country or community. It creates a social platform on which families and friends can meet and enjoy time together; whether around a traditional dinner table or around the fire under the open African skies.

Some foods have religious relevance, and are used as part of worship or religious festivals, making it an integral part of the technical culture. Food brings people together, regardless of colour, language or belief system. And this is what needs to be celebrated.


Because food is a major part of cultural identity, and South Africa is home to so many cultures, this country boasts an enormous variety of traditional dishes, made from locally sourced ingredients. By enjoying these dishes during your time in South Africa, you will become a small part of the wonder and diversity of this country.

Cape Town gets ‘dry’ luxury hotel

A new five-star hotel under construction in Cape Town, the Coral International, will target Middle Eastern visitors, offering them luxurious rooms, conferencing and prayer facilities, halaal cuisine and no alcohol on the premises.