BRICS has established itself as a global brand, research shows

JOHANNESBURG, Wednesday 25 July 2018:// The political alliance of BRICS nations has become a distinct global brand in its own right; research conducted by...

South African academics: uncertainty affecting nation brand

Indepth analysis by some of the country's top academics highlighted domestic issues influencing the reputation and competitiveness of the nation's brand, at a Brand...

South African Nation Brand continues to rise as a globally competitive Nation Brand

Johannesburg, Wednesday 28 September 2016 – Brand South Africa today welcomed South Africa’s rise of two places in the annual World Economic Forum’s Global...

Brand South Africa takes conversation on the Nation Brand to stakeholders in Mpumalanga

Johannesburg, Thursday 22 September 2016 – Stakeholders in Mpumalanga will on Wednesday 28 September have the opportunity to engage in a conversation on the...

Brand South Africa CEO: ‘Successful brands should be authentic’

Melissa Javan A brand should behave and uphold the message it communicated, said Kingsley Makubela, chief executive officer of Brand South Africa, ahead of the...

South Africa: a brand of active citizens

South Africa and the world commemorate International Mandela Day on Saturday 18 July 2015. On this day the legacy of service emulated by the former Statesman and South Africa’s founding President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is celebrated and honoured.

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  The Chevron or Arrow Device The Chevron device represents forward and positive brand movement. It is...

Active citizenship and changing the South African brand reality

While we need to hold public representatives to account, we also need to take active control of building a South Africa that can nurture the needs, dreams and aspirations of each citizen, writes Brand South Africa CEO Miller Matola.

South Africa’s Oh-lief baby care range gets rave reviews

Organic and natural products are seeing a revival as consumers want to know what’s in their food, toiletries and medicine. Local baby care range Oh-lief is capitalising on this trend to reap local and international success.