Tuta-Me: connecting learners with tutors by cellphone

With a touch of a few buttons on their cellphones, learners in South Africa now have access to tutors through the Tuta-Me app. Melissa Javan More...

South African hearing app grows its reach

Download the hearZA app and test yourself and two friends' hearing via your smartphone. The innovation is from a South African team and is...

New app helps reporters tell a better story

Cadet journalists, community reporters, activists and others interested in reporting on a news story and submitting it to a community newspaper can now make...

Want to be a citizen Earth scientist? Join GLOBE Observer

Clouds are more than water and a muse. They play an important role in regulating the temperature of the planet. Now NASA's new GLOBE...

Earn Gems by playing your part

GEM volunteers not only help uplift the communities for which they work but also earn Gems that can be redeemed for airtime, data, pre-paid electricity...

South African app brings out Madiba spirit in us all

For this Mandela Month, Brand South Africa has partnered with the GEM Project, an app that gets individuals and communities to help each other. Volunteers are encouraged to donate the GEMs they earn for their good work back to the needy causes during Mandela Month.

Play Your Part Campaign launches app in support of active citizenship and Mandela Month

Brand South Africa in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation launched the Play your Part for Madiba campaign earlier today to encourage citizens to make everyday a Mandela Day. This is aimed at building a spirit of active citizenship among all South Africans which is required to drive the implementation of the National Development Plan.

App to understand South African visa rules

Child Visa Checklist App has been designed to help travellers to and from South Africa understand the new child visa requirements, and ease them through the regulations. In three clicks it covers all the possible scenarios to get tourists on their way quickly and easily.

SA government launches smartphone app

The Department of Communications has launched a mobile app that aims to open channels between South Africa's citizens and its government. The app, which makes key information more easily accessible, is available for both iOS and Android smartphone devices.

South African app beats international competition

The appStar competition was set up to encourage and support app developers in emerging markets. And Car Guru has proved just how well South African developers compete among their international peers, winning recognition in Bangalore.