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Powerful women shape Africa

Women have left their mark in various fields across the continent of Africa. From medicine to fashion design and politics, they have tackled huge challenges and have emerged victorious. Their stories serve to inspire future generations.

Southern African states work to save forests

Southern African states work to save forests

Namibia, Angola and Zambia have agreed to set up a time-bound action plan to manage and monitor the timber trade. High-value timber from the three southern African countries, often bound for South Africa and Asia, is subject to overharvesting and illegal and unregulated trade.

A tribute to South Africa’s neighbours

A photographic exhibition, On the Frontline, at the Nelson Mandela Foundation's Centre of Memory reflects on the contribution – and the price they paid – from countries in Africa to helping the liberation struggle overcome apartheid.

Angola is open for South African business

Angola is on the rise, and wants to diversify its booming but oil-dependent economy to include more business sectors. That's where South African investors come in, a recent Brand South Africa forum discovered.

Infographic: South Africa and Angola

Brand South Africa's dialogue on "Active Citizenship in Building Competitive African Nation Brands" is focusing on South African-Angolan relations in particular, prompting a look at how the two countries fare in some of the more important economic indicators.

The rise of South African-Angolan relations

Once sworn enemies, in 2012 Angola became South Africa's biggest trading partner on the continent. More than 22 bilateral agreements across a wide range or sectors have been signed between the two nations, and the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce advises local companies on operating in Angola.

SA signs Benguela conservation pact

SA, Namibia, Angola adopt Benguela Current pact

South Africa, Angola and Namibia have signed and adopted the Benguela Current Convention, which will see the three countries working together on the protection and sustainable use of the Benguela Current marine ecosystem, one of the richest ecosystems on earth.

Zuma arrives in Angola for summit

The Great Lakes countries gather in the midst of internal conflict and strife in three of their member states. The meeting will look at ways to engender peace, stability and development in the region.

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