Agulhas Current

How much do you know about the ocean?

National Marine Month is under way in South Africa, and it is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on the country's unique, geographic position. The ocean economy has the potential to alleviate poverty and create jobs. But how much do you really know about our seas?

Gallery: Celebrate Marine Month in South Africa

National Marine Month is celebrated from 1 to 31 October in South Africa; it's a time when protecting the country's marine resources comes to the fore. One of the reasons to take action is because the oceans feed us. Learn more about our seas by viewing our gallery.

US firm, Durban talk ocean energy plan

US independent power provider Hydro Alternative Energy is in talks with the City of Durban on plans to develop a world-first project that would harvest hydrokinetic energy from the fast-flowing Agulhas current off South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal coastline.