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play your part Bongekile Radebe

Youth Day Statement 2019

1976 TO 2019: South Africa`s youth is more than ready to honour the sacrifices of their counterparts from 1976 "Sometimes it falls upon a generation...

Brand SA’s Sowetan Dialogues set for Joburg

Brand South Africa continues with its Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogues, with the latest in the series set to take place in Johannesburg on 18 June, with a debate on whether South Africa's youth are creating a legacy for future generations.

Hector’s sister tells the story still, 38 years later

A lack of unity among the children of today is striking for Antoinette Sithole. Back in 1976 children supported one another; now they do drugs, get pregnant, "and they don't take a stand. They are living in another world."

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