Register Terms and Conditions

1. Brand South Africa and Play Your Part Toolkit

The toolkit serves to ensure that all stakeholders can maximise the impact of their communication when they independently market their offerings and/ or brands globally. We therefore request that you remain within the guidelines that have been provided.

  • Do not alter artwork elements provided. Kindly contact Brand South Africa SA should you require any alternative elements.
  • Do make use of the country messaging and facts that are available from Brand South Africa.
  • Register online in order to access materials provided in the toolkit.

Then, please share all artwork that incorporates elements of the toolkit with Brand South Africa

2. Image Library

All photographs in Brand South Africa’s free photo library may be downloaded and republished free of charge in print publications – newspapers, magazines, books and the like – and on internet sites, subject to the following conditions:

2.1. In all cases, credit for the photograph must be given to both the photographer and the copyright owner, as indicated in the photograph caption. In most cases the copyright owner will be Brand South Africa. This credit must appear alongside the image in both print and online publications, and must include a hyperlink to Brand South Africa (

2.2. Where the photographer’s name is not provided by the Brand South Africa photo library, it may be omitted. Credit for the photograph would in this case simply be Brand South Africa or other relevant copyright owner, as indicated below the photo thumbnail.

2.3. Brand South Africa photographs may not be used for any promotional, advertising or merchandising use, and may not be sold.

2.4. The photographs may not be materially altered. They may be cropped, deep-etched and colour corrected, provided that their editorial integrity is not compromised, but may not, under any circumstances, otherwise be rotated, altered, changed or tampered with, either manually or electronically, without the express written permission of Brand South Africa.

3. In order to make use of this service free of charge, you must:

3.1 Acknowledge that all copyright in the photographs from the Brand photo library rests in Brand South Africa (or the copyright owner specified under the thumbnail image) and is never sold or assigned.

3.2 Acknowledge Brand South Africa (or any copyright owner other than Brand South Africa, as indicated) as the copyright owner and source of the photograph in a clearly legible manner alongside each photograph.

3.3 Acknowledge that Brand South Africa photographs may not be used for any promotional, advertising or merchandising use.

3.4 Acknowledge that the photographs may not be materially altered, not may their editorial integrity be compromised.

3.5 Agree that 650 Euros/£500.00/US$1 000.00 is a reasonable penalty, payable by you to Brand South Africa (or any copyright owner other than Brand South Africa) in lieu of damages, for each use of a photograph not in accordance with or permitted by this agreement. You must further agree to make payment of each penalty on demand by Brand South Africa.

4. Knowledge Hub Content

Brand South Africa retains copyright of the website and all current and future content that is displayed on the website which is not owned by third parties.

In terms of a limited licence, Brand South Africa grants individuals and organisations, subject to these terms and conditions, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited and revocable right to access, display, use, download, copy, distribute, edit and republish the current and future content of the website on condition that credit is given to Brand South Africa. If material is republished on a website, such credit must include a hyperlink to  This credit must have the following format:

Source: Brand South Africa

While the website owner grants the user permission to edit and/or republish content, this content may be used for editorial purposes only. Neither text nor pictures may be used for any commercial advertising or commercial marketing purpose, and may never be resold. Any attempt to make unauthorised use of or to falsify the text and pictures, or use aimed at the vilification of persons or content is not permissible.