Recognising and promoting social justice in South Africa


By Mduduzi Malinga

Last week 20 February marked the World Day of Social Justice. This day serves to recognise the ongoing efforts of countries, organisations and individuals who strive to enforce the principles of social justice.

According to data from Statistics South Africa, more than half of South Africa’s population is living in poverty. Observing the World Day of Social Justice is a critical reminder that enforces the need to work together to build a movement for safety, justice, equality.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from the past particularly in the last year, due to the pandemic. The realisation that our fellow citizens have to find a way to make a difference and help each other in the spirit of Ubuntu that we are world renowned for.

In South Africa there are organisations at the forefront for the fight against social & environmental justice in South Africa. With the country still facing injustices such as gender inequality, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and other intolerances, these organisations are playing their part to bring about sustainable and effective change to the lives of vulnerable citizens.

Last year August, Nathaniel Julies, was shot dead by police officers in Eldorado Park, near Johannesburg. This violent act was condemned as racist. The responsible officers have since been found guilty and will soon be sentenced.  As we observed the world day of social justice the past weekend, let’s honour the lives of people we lost.

“We live in unprecedented times, a time in which we grapple the enormous differences between the haves and the have nots in our society. I have been campaigning for the realisation of social justice for a long time now. This goal has become even more critical in the age of the coronavirus, a pandemic which again showed us why we are considered the most unequal society on the planet”. Said Professor Thuli Madonsela.

The South African government has put in place programmes and social grants relief strategies that are showing a positive impact on the poorest citizens. However, more efforts to reverse poverty, inequality and unemployment are in the process through various policy interventions.

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