It is official! Brand South Africa’s flagship programme, Play Your Part, turns 10 this year. In celebrating 10 years of active citizenship, we are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural 2021 Play Your Part Awards, commending and honouring those who have contributed to the country’s brand image, both locally and abroad.

Each month, the 9-category 2021 Play Your Part Awards will recognise and celebrate citizens who have made an impact in the following categories: Youth Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation, Women Empowerment, Nation Pride, Job creation, Innovation, Social Cohesion, Education and the Environment. To kickstart, the Youth Empowerment Award aims to reward the significant contributions made by the youth of South Africa, and to share their achievements for the wider benefit of communities.

As categories will change monthly, be sure to check that the entry form category applies to you!

If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow organisation or individual for a category award, please complete the Play Your Part Awards entry form below.

Nominations and entries are open to all!  Monthly winners will be awarded with R5000 cash and will be entered into the draw for the Grand Prize of R25 000!

Ts & Cs Apply.


Please complete the form to the best of your ability.


Full Name (if individual)

Address (of organisation or individual)

I have read and agree to the competition Ts and Cs.


Am I eligible to enter?

All South Africans are eligible to enter.

What do I need to enter?



What if I don’t have photos or media to support my nomination?

If you don’t have supporting documents, be as clear as possible in the description of work done, so that the judges have a clear idea of the work you, or your organisation has been doing. If the selection committee feels the work is exemplary, and you have no supporting documentation, the committee may approach you for verbal references.

Do I need to part of an organisation to enter?

No, you don’t. If you feel that your achievements, the achievements of your projects or your individual work have positively impacted a community, you should enter.

What if I am part of an organisation or company but don’t have a CK or Registration number?

You can still enter, just leave the CK No. request blank.

Does it cost me anything to enter?

No, entry is free!

Are there prizes?

The winner of each category prize will win both a Play Your Part framed certificate of recognition and R5000 cash.

How do I know that my submission has been received?

Your end screen will show ‘Thank You’

If I have already entered for one category, can I enter for another one?

You are allowed to nominate yourself each month for each category, however make sure that your entry complies with the category requirements. Entries submitted that do not apply to the monthly category will not be considered. For example, if you enter for The Youth Empowerment Award but your work relates to Women Empowerment, you will not be considered for the award.

How will I know that I have won?

You will be contacted via cellphone or e-mail to notify you that you have won. The coordinators will then set up a time with you for your participation in a live stream or video release, whereby your win will be revealed on social media.

How can I request further information?

Email or find us on social media:

Twitter: @PlayYourPartSA

Facebook: Play Your Part

Instagram: @brandsouthafrica

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