SA in Davos

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organisation committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Team South Africa (Team SA) first participated in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos (WEF Davos) in 2009.


This year, a South African delegation comprising of government and corporate leaders will travel to Switzerland to participate and add the country’s voice to discussions about global issues. South Africa will leverage the platform to showcase its progress in implementing the economic reconstruction and recovery plan; promote the country’s economic reforms; and advance important public-private partnerships to support the country’s development objectives. It will also position the country as a competitive business destination.


Panelists are set to engage in various multi-sectoral strategic conversations. In line with the World Economic Forum broader theme for 2022, History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies, the Team SA message is one that will positively position the country’s strengths and global competitiveness, promising transparency, authenticity and ultimately, clear solutions for the future.


Financial Services
South Africa boasts a sophisticated banking sector with a major footprint across the African continent and financial hub, with the JSE being Africa’s largest stock exchange market capitalisation. Conversations at WEF will look at the outlook of global debt and building resilience: financing local economies featuring esteemed representatives from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Investec, Development bank of Southern Africa and Old Mutual. Click here for the full programme.


South Africa’s pharmaceutical and medical device sectors are the largest and most advanced in sub-Saharan Africa. Join government and private sector messengers for conversations on transforming through trust and future-proofing health systems. Click here for the full programme.


Media & Arts
South Africa ranks 35/180 in the World Press Freedom Index (2022). Our media is independent and objective and serves the needs of its citizens above all. Join the conversations on Preparing for Africa’s Growing Global Role and Sport as a Unifying Force. Click here for the full programme.


South Africa’s commercial agricultural sector is well-developed and globally competitive. A sophisticated and competitive agro-processing industry is built and supported by South Africa’s diverse agricultural sector, accounting for 23% of the country’s manufacturing sector and making it the largest sub-sector of manufacturing. The food and beverages sector was one of the best performing manufacturing sub-sectors in the last five years, growing from R392bn in 2014 to R537bn in 2018.


The World Farmers Organisation will engage in talks on Food Systems in Crisis: A Roadmap for Action and South Africa’s agricultural exports role to economic growth. Click here for the full programme.


Civil Society:
Civil Society remains a priority in reinforcing the foundations of a stable global system. Follow the conversation on reinforcing the foundations of a stable global system. Click here for the full programme.


There is a global cry to improve and better the lives of young people, especially from previously disadvantaged backgrounds through transformational education. Join the founder of Learnable South Africa, for a chat on Innovation for SGDA’s – Universal Quality Education. Click here for the full programme.


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