SA words spice up OED

The status of over 1 500 South African words moved into a new league with the publication of the South African Concise Oxford Dictionary. Learn how to tell an inyanga from a sangoma, trace kwaito back to kwaai, and next time you play scrabble try out bakgat, lekgotla, boereqanga or dagga (the word, that is) ...

Court says yes to floor-crossing

The Constitutional Court has given the go-ahead for politicians to cross the floor and join another political party without losing their seats, in a ruling which is likely to make a significant impact on the country’s political landscape.

One impression, one mouth

Want to feed the hungry? Spare a few minutes, and a few clicks, and you can make your contribution for free, from your keyboard, on the web site of an organisation that started four years ago with three women, loads of dedication - and very little else.

Morabaraba? Get on board!

"I'll take this one and I'll hit you", says 12-year-old Walter. Kagiso shakes his head: "Ag man, that's an old trick. Now you think you can fly anywhere with those cows." Flying cows can mean only one thing - these two youngsters are engaged in the ancient battle of morabaraba, an African board game that traces back over 3 000 years.

SA crafts industry keeps growing

Worth an estimated R3.4-billion a year, the South African crafts industry is providing an income for many who would otherwise be out in the cold, as displays at the recent World Summit showed.

SA cities join hands for growth

With 70-75% of South Africans expected to be living in urban areas by 2030, the economic sustainability of the country's cities will be crucial to its overall economic growth. A new initiative responds to the challenges.

New hot-house for African science

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a state-of-the art educational centre that seeks to create a new generation of African mathematicians and scientists, has opened its doors in Cape Town.

Now we must walk the talk: Mbeki

The critical test of whether the Johannesburg World Summit had succeeded or not would be what happened from here, South African President Thabo Mbeki said on the closing night of what he described as "a big meeting, the biggest ever tried'.

Networking the SA diaspora

UCT's Graduate School of Business is establishing network of South African professionals working abroad that will pave the way for SA businesses to take advantage of global opportunities.

World Summit action plan

After 10 days of tough behind-the-scenes bargaining, over 100 heads of state and government at the World Summit on Sustainable Development agreed on a plan of action to eradicate poverty and protect the environment, concluding negotiations that took place over nine months and on three continents.