Free trade area to link Cape and Cairo

A market of over 600 million people with a combined gross domestic product of more than $1- trillion will be created with the launch of the Tripartite Free Trade Area in June. It will link consumers across Africa, from Egypt to South Africa.

Agoa benefits both South Africa and US: Davies

The African Growth and Opportunity Act has been positive for both South Africa and the US - and the case for continuing to include South Africa is "pretty compelling", says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

Economic boost for Saldanha Bay

A R9.65-billion private-public investment at Saldanha Bay, on South Africa's West Coast, aims at improve the deep-water port's ability to service to offshort oil and gas industry, the Transnet National Ports Authority announced on Monday.

Three African currencies to trade on SA exchange

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the largest and most liquid on the continent, has listed three African currencies on a new foreign exchange futures platform on Friday. The JSE said this would offer investors exposure to African economies in a relatively risk-free manner.

SA, Cuba sign agreement to boost trade

Already worth R63-million, bilateral trade between South Africa and Cuba is set for a boost after the countries concluded amendments to a R350-million economic assistance package to Cuba.

South Africa to benefit from EU trade pact

Improved market access for South African exports of wine, sugar, ethanol and some fruit products are among the benefits set to flow from the trade deal recently concluded between the European Union and seven southern African countries, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

State-of-art port control centre opens in Cape Town

South Africa opened a state-of-the-art border control centre at Cowrie Port in Cape Town harbour on Friday. The centre integrates all government departments and agencies involved in immigration and customs, marking a significant step in securing and modernising the country's borders.

New buyers ‘impressed with SA wines’

South Africa's competitively priced wine is attracting new buyers - who are impressed by the quality of the wines, a recent report by international financial services company Rabobank found. Exports of South African bulk wine rose in 2013 by 37.6%, outpacing the global average growth rate of 26%.

South Africa’s competitive advantage in the developing world

South Africa's approach to government policy sets a benchmark for other emerging countries to follow, writes Brand South Africa chief executive Miller Matola.

South Africa, Malawi to beef up trade

South Africa and Malawi have agreed to facilitate greater private sector interaction in order to boost trade and investment, following a meeting of the Joint Commission for Cooperation between the two countries.