Tracking space for 40 years

The 12m antenna at Hartebeeshoek has rescued a $400-million satellite, received data from packages left on the moon by Apollo astronauts, and tracked a BIOS capsule with a monkey on board.

SA’s science & technology decade

From mosquito-repellent candles to the Southern African Large Telescope, developments in science and technology in South Africa since 1994 have put the country on the international map, according to a new book.

SA’s women scientists honoured

South Africa's top women scientists women were honoured for their role in technological and scientific research at the 2004 South African Awards for Women in Science.

SA launches Open Source Centre

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has launched an Open Source Centre to help stimulate the adoption of open source software technologies in Africa.

African Laser Centre

A group of African countries have launched the African Laser Centre, based in South Africa, to serve as a central point for coordinating a network of excellence in laser research and development across the continent.

Opening SA’s digital doorway

The Digital Doorway project, which explores "minimally invasive education" as an alternative means of promoting wide-scale computer literacy in rural and peri-urban areas, has installed more than 150 terminals across South Africa.

Computer, this is my story

Once upon a time in Africa, there was a computer programme that allowed you to create your own stories by choosing your own characters, selecting the backgrounds to your scenes, and writing your own dialogue - in your own language. It was called Storymaker ...

Push for more generic medicines

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are on a drive to raise awareness around the benefits of using generic medicines, which could greatly reduce health care costs in the country.

Developing SA’s biotech industry

South Africa’s bid to commercialise biotechnology is forging ahead with the setting up of three new regional innovation centres, the first of which has just been launched in Johannesburg.

SA launches into space science

Researchers from around the region have joined forces to create a cooperative, combined astrophysics and space science programme where students from South Africa and Africa can earn Honours and Masters degrees while being mentored and taught by a "dream team" of the country's leading scientists.