Science and Technology

Hydrogen powers South African schools

Platinum-based fuel cells are powering rural schools and contributing to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning. The initiative has been an inspiration to pupils, and has boosted interest in careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation.

South African and Indian scientists team up

The fourth co-operation agreement in the field of science and technology has been signed by South Africa and India. The two have a 20-year history of working together, which they plan to extend and deepen.

South African city domain names available

Having your company aligned to your city could spark innovative ways of promoting business and tourism. "Choosing a domain name with some local flavour should work well for many companies," says, which has dotJoburg, dotCapetown and dotDurban available.

South African HIV/Aids research pioneer Glenda Gray on 2017 Time’s 100 Most Influential list

Dr Glenda Gray, the pioneering medical researcher, who specialises in the search for a vaccine for HIV/Aids, is the only South African to be...

The rise of South African-Angolan relations

Once sworn enemies, in 2012 Angola became South Africa's biggest trading partner on the continent. More than 22 bilateral agreements across a wide range or sectors have been signed between the two nations, and the South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce advises local companies on operating in Angola.

SA astronomers win top EU prize

Six scientists from South Africa's North West University are part of an international team that scooped the European Union's prestigious Descartes prize for their groundbreaking research on the Earth's galaxy via gamma rays.

Young scientist gets a helping hand from Eskom

Young scientist Hearn Johnson, who built a functional and reliable prototype of a prosthetic hand for lower-arm amputees, can now pursue his dream of studying engineering, thanks to a full bursary from Eskom.

Earth’s oldest ‘fungi’ found in South Africa

A recent scientific discovery in South Africa, ancient fungi-like fossils, have once again put the country on the map in the palaeontology field. It...

South African study ‘opens new possibilities for curing HIV’

A group of South African scientists, working with scientists from the US, has discovered how a KwaZulu-Natal woman's body responded to her HIV infection by making potent antibodies - called broadly neutralising antibodies - that could open up new ways of treating and preventing HIV.

The Drinkable Book could save lives

The Drinkable Book is an effort to provide clean drinking water to people who need it in developing countries. The pages can be torn out and used as a filter to remove bacteria from impure water. It has been tested in the lab and in the field in countries such as South Africa and Ghana.