Research Update: How did the financial crisis and 4th Industrial Revolution get WEF to...

Background: It would seem as if two tectonic shifts, one in the somewhat bizarre world of global finance (post the Global Finance Crisis), and the...

SA gets first supercomputer

South African researchers will now have a better chance in their quest to find new knowledge and scientific applications, with the Centre for High Performance Computing giving them access to massive amounts of computing power.

Lighting up girls’ passion for science

The CSIR's Liesl Burger was part of a small team of four involved in developing the world's first digital laser. Photo: CSIR   By Anne Taylor 20...

SA research network now online

Second landline operator Neotel and its partners have launched the first four sites of South Africa's own national research network, giving tertiary and research institutions access to high bandwidth in a bid to reshape research and education networking in the country.

SA joins FLOSSWorld project

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the University of the Western Cape are to participate in a global research project looking into the development and uptake of free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) in the developing world.

SA researchers measure democracy on social media

Prof Pierre du Toit and Barend Lutz from Stellenbosch University have developed a method to measure public expressions of support for democracy on Twitter. Digital social media have become major global channels of communication, with ramifications for established democracies, they say.

KZN’s flood radar ‘nowcasters’

A KwaZulu-Natal professor and a team of researchers are developing technology that will help predict floods up to six hours in advance - buying precious response time for emergency authorities - using radar technology and computer-based mathematical techniques.

Research update: Domestic Perceptions Research 2016

South Africa is a diverse country, yet most of its people see themselves as South African first, according to Brand South Africa's latest Domestic Perceptions Research. They also view themselves in a positive light and believe that media is a little too critical about the nation.


Johannesburg, Thursday 11th March 2021 – Brand South Africa in collaboration with the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), African Response and Mark...