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South Africa’s CSIR celebrates 70 years of research

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is celebrating seven decades of research in South Africa by educating the public on how they are improving lives daily. One of their innovations includes a healthy noodles recently launched, to combat unemployment.

Research to boost rooibos exports

The South African Rooibos Council is participating in an international project to improve the export competitiveness of rooibos, one of the country's best-known products and, as a tea, a sought-after local and international beverage.

South African researcher to help save sharks

South African researcher Alison Kock is one of an international group of contributors to a massive photo library of great white shark fins – one they hope will enable them to eventually track the movements of every great white.
Saving our vulnerable sharks

Research opportunities

South Africa spends around R5-billion a year on research and development and is recognised as a world leader in several fields, including organismic biology, earth sciences, astronomy and clinical medicine.


Johannesburg, Thursday 11th March 2021 – Brand South Africa in collaboration with the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), African Response and Mark...

SA joins solar clean water project

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is representing South Africa in an international, multi-partner project aiming to demonstrate that solar disinfection of drinking water is an effective intervention against waterborne diseases.

SA researchers measure democracy on social media

Prof Pierre du Toit and Barend Lutz from Stellenbosch University have developed a method to measure public expressions of support for democracy on Twitter. Digital social media have become major global channels of communication, with ramifications for established democracies, they say.

Indigenous plant benefits San

The San community will receive between R8-million and R12-million from the CSIR over the next four years for an indigenous plant that is being developed into a slimming drug by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Research update: Domestic Perceptions Research 2016

South Africa is a diverse country, yet most of its people see themselves as South African first, according to Brand South Africa's latest Domestic Perceptions Research. They also view themselves in a positive light and believe that media is a little too critical about the nation.