Play Your Part for a globally competitive South Africa

Brand South Africa encourages communities in Mpumalanga to play their part in making South Africa a competitive nation.

Diverse languages as instruments of nation building

Ubuntu-sessions-thumbUbuntu Concepts, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Kaya FM and Play Your Part, held the second Ubuntu Sessions dialogue to discuss the role language plays in nation building.

Chesa Nyama to open restaurant in the US

South African fast food franchise Chesa Nyama will open its first authentic South Africa communal braai experience outlet in the United States in October, following a deal with an American investment company. Soon Nashville diners will be able to get their very own taste of Mzansi.

Sport is a way to better life

Grootbos ThumbThe Grootbos Foundation and Football Foundation of South Africa uses sport to lure youngsters in small Western Cape towns away from drugs, alcohol and crime.

Ducere Foundation tells African stories

Ducere-Foundation---thumbThe African Children's Stories Program makes books relevant – and so makes reading more interesting – to African children by publishing and distributing African children's stories from African countries.

Expansion of N3 between Joburg and Durban

The N3 Toll Concession is investing more than R1-billion in expanding and upgrading sections of the highway, the major freight link between South Africa's inland cities and Durban port. Traffic disruptions will be kept to a minimum, and the company will cover the costs of the upgrade, it says.

Pathfinders continues to empower young township entrepreneurs

By Kagiso Bonoko   Founded in 2019 by the visionary Glenda Setshedi, Pathfinders has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment for young township entrepreneurs....

South Africa tackles water issues

Scientists agree that South Africa is experiencing a water crisis, although the issue is more quality and quantity, they point out. The government is looking at a range of solutions, and has issued a tender to develop an Integrated Water Quality Management Strategy.