Changing the world, one IT Boot Camp at a time

The Change the World Trust IT Boot Camp competition is an opportunity for the organisation's top students to show off their newfound programming skills to win a top-of-the-range Android tablet.

Cleaning up the Braamfontein Spruit

Braving the winter chill, Johannesburg residents summed up their community spirit to clean up the city's much-loved Braamfontein Spruit.

Youth look to building South Africa’s brand

The Youth CaucusYoung leaders at the Youth Caucus debated how to build South Africa's nation brand as well as ways in which ordinary people could play their part in meeting the goals of the government's National Development Plan.

21st-century South Africans need to leave a lasting legacy

Play Your Part/ Sowetan DialoguesCommemorating Youth Day, the 18 June Sowetan Dialogues asked South Africa's young people to consider the legacy they want to leave for their children.

Flip flops for school shoes

A pair of flip flops from the Flip Flop Friday Winter Movement buys a school pupil in a cold province a sorely-needed pair of sturdy school shoes, so play your part and walk the talk.

Brand SA’s Sowetan Dialogues set for Joburg

Brand South Africa continues with its Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogues, with the latest in the series set to take place in Johannesburg on 18 June, with a debate on whether South Africa's youth are creating a legacy for future generations.

Young people must be empowered to drive SA’s development

Mandla Maseko who will be the first black South African astronautThe recently held elections shone a spotlight on the importance of active citizenry, pride and patriotism in our country and its heritage as well as an indomitable hope for a better future, says Brand SA's Wendy Tlou.

Eco-Smart employees live ‘waste not, want not’

Reducing waste and creating jobs is a win-win situation; Eco-Smart does just this by training employees to recycle waste products into durable useable everyday items.

Brand SA/Sowetan Dialogues urge African unity

Brand SA/Sowetan Dialogues panelistsThe most recent Brand South Africa/Sowetan Dialogues event urged South Africans to recognise the role other Africans played in the nation's struggle for freedom.

The Pebbles Project enriching the lives of children

The Pebbles Project works with alcohol-affected communities in the Western Cape to help residents and children battle the scourge of alcohol addiction, and the province's high rates of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.