SA business takes off in Ghana

South African business is taking off in Ghana - and the country is set to become a stepping-stone into the rest of the West African region, according to a new study by the SA Institute of International Affairs.

International comedy rocks SA

The Cape Town International Comedy Festival taking place from 7 to 21 September is billed as the biggest gathering of comedians in South Africa and is bound to have audiences rolling with laughter.

Cadbury now Fairtrade certified

Confectionery giant Cadbury has made a landmark stride towards bringing progress and stability to the lives of poor farmers in the developing world. Since becoming Fairtrade certified for its best-selling Dairy Milk brand, farmers in West Africa will now be able to secure better deals for their produce.

Obamamania sweeps Africa

Barack Obama has not only won himself a place in the White House at the end of his brilliant campaign. He has also won the hearts of the people of Africa, not only because he has roots deep in the continent, but also with his charisma, humility and vision.

The Karoo Array Telescope

Although the host country of the Square Kilometre Array is yet to be announced, South African science is already reaping the benefits of the massive international radio telescope project in the form of a prototype, the Karoo Array Telescope.

Mbeki slams apartheid lawsuits

President Thabo Mbeki has slammed the lawsuits being brought in the US against companies on behalf of victims of apartheid, warning that judgments handed down in foreign courts will not be honoured in South Africa.

Lennox sings for HIV/Aids

Renowned international pop star Annie Lennox is set to dazzle fans during a one-night performance in Johannesburg, to raise funds for her HIV/Aids charity organisation, Sing.

SA pilots bring air aid to Africa

South Africa’s highly skilled and experienced pilots are crucial to flying UN-sponsored humanitarian assistance across Africa – sometimes paying the ultimate price.

Elton John opens kids’ centre

British singer/songwriter Elton John has opened a care centre in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg that runs life skills projects for orphaned, abused and neglected children.

New Zimbabwe deal in sight

Talks between Zimbabwe’s political leaders to form a government of national unity have reached an advanced stage, which could signal much needed change in that country.