SA’s hydro power potential

Energy experts say South Africa has moderate hydroelectric potential, and that the establishment of small hydroelectric projects around the country could help provide a sustainable future energy supply.

SA wind power: not just a breeze

South Africa has an abundance of wind resources, and - coupled with its vast tracts of open land and infrastructure - the potential to become a "wind powerhouse", according to pioneers in search of sustainable energy solutions for the country.

Fuel cell future for SA platinum?

South Africa's rich platinum reserves could make it a key player in a major future energy source - fuel cell technology. At least, that's the perspective of some. Others argue that fuel cells won't quite spell a platinum paradise, but could be used productively in a combination of next-generation energy solutions.

Property good for the long haul?

SA house prices are going through the roof - so much so that a major bank has revised its definition of a middle-class home. Experts are divided over whether the boom is a bubble about to burst, or holds the potential for sustainable growth.

The beautiful harvest

South Africa’s wine industry is booming - it’s more professional, more transparent, and gaining credibility in leaps and bounds in international markets. According to an article recently published in the US "the best wines are exceptionally good and there is every reason to expect that dozens, no, hundreds of Cape wines will improve exponentially in the years to come."

SA raises stake in natural gas

South Africa moved another step closer to diversifying its energy sources when synfuels producer Sasol opened an 865km natural gas pipeline from Mozambique. A new power plant commissioned by the government may go the way of natural gas too.

SA nutriceutical sector on a high

South Africa's nutriceutical industry - covering a broad range of health supplements and complementary medicines - has grown rapidly over the past decade, and is now estimated to be a worth around R7-billion.

N West’s R530m water project

The R530-million Roodeplaat Temba Water Supply Scheme, launched this week, will ensure that sufficient water is available to the rural communities of the Moretele local municipality

Africa’s biggest water project

The latest phase of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, the largest bi-national construction project on the continent, is complete.

R23m upgrade for Cape port

The South African Port Operations will spend R23-million to acquire four new straddle carriers to increase container terminal capacity at the Cape Town port.