Home-grown death metal helps ease Angolans’ pain

With the payoff line "the hardest hardcore is Angolan hardcore", a new documentary Death Metal Angola follows the staging of the first rock festival in Angola in 2011, in the process revealing the liberating effect this most extreme form of music has in a country still dealing with its violent past.

Media accreditation open for WEF Africa 2015

Media accreditation is now open for the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa, which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3 to 5 June 2015, with the support of the government of South Africa.

Obama’s visit to strengthen United States ties to East Africa

As US President Barack Obama makes an official visit to Kenya and Ethiopia next week, the two East African nations will have a chance to use the media spotlight to showcase the investment opportunities they offer. The US, in turn, could also gain from the trip.

Nigeria winning war against polio

After years of battling polio outbreaks, Nigeria is making impressive progress in eradicating the highly infectious disease, Microsoft chairperson Bill Gates said.
New drive to fight polio in Africa

Why travel bans won’t stop the spread of Ebola

Travel bans for the Ebola-afflicted countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are not only unnecessary, they will also cause more harm than good by stopping the flow of health workers, medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and further damaging the beleaguered countries' economies, writes Khalid Koser, chair of the Global Agenda Council on Migration.

Foreign visitor champions Joburg

A Norwegian journalist arrived in Johannesburg, was mugged, experienced the vibrancy and of the city - and fell in love with it. He is now preparing to trumpet the virtues of the City of Gold to his fellow Norwegians to encourage them to visit.