Infrastructure to build long-term regional prosperity

South Africa has the capacity to stimulate economic growth by enhancing infrastructure development both at home and in the rest of Africa, through its National Infrastructure Plan, writes Brand South Africa deputy chairperson Happy Ntshingila.

South Africa working to unite Africa’s economy

South Africa is actively involved in the economic integration and development of Africa, building much-needed regional infrastructure, promoting the continent's interests on the global stage, and forming partnerships and free trade agreements with other African countries.

Cape to Cairo trade agreement to open African borders

African trade efficiency is set for a major boost when three regional economic communities sign an agreement in June to establish an enlarged free trade area encompassing 26 countries – roughly half of the member states of the African Union, stretching from Cape to Cairo.

Zuma arrives in Angola for summit

The Great Lakes countries gather in the midst of internal conflict and strife in three of their member states. The meeting will look at ways to engender peace, stability and development in the region.

Nigeria winning war against polio

After years of battling polio outbreaks, Nigeria is making impressive progress in eradicating the highly infectious disease, Microsoft chairperson Bill Gates said.
New drive to fight polio in Africa

Foreign visitor champions Joburg

A Norwegian journalist arrived in Johannesburg, was mugged, experienced the vibrancy and of the city - and fell in love with it. He is now preparing to trumpet the virtues of the City of Gold to his fellow Norwegians to encourage them to visit.