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Automotive and Components

In February 2021, Ford Motor Company announced an investment of over $1 billion in its South African manufacturing operations – marking the biggest investment in Ford’s 98-year history in South Africa. “We want to prove that the quality of what we produce in South Africa can hold its own with the rest of the world” – Ockert Berry, VP of Operations, Ford.

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Ford Believes in South Africa since 1924.

Digital Economy & ICT

Netflix, the international streaming service, announced an investment of almost $60 million at the 2022 South Africa Investment Conference, into “working with South African creators and distributors to bring high-quality stories” to a global audience. Netflix has invested more than $125 million in the industry over the past 5 years.

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Netflix Believes in South Africa since 2016.

Healthcare & Life Science

In 2020, Aspen, the largest and internationally accredited pharmaceutical company in Africa entered into a partnership with Johnson & Johnson to produce more than 200m doses of life saving Covid-19 vaccines for the domestic and export markets in the port city of Gqeberha, formerly Port Elizabeth, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. 

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Johnson & Johnson Believes in South Africa since 1932.

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International Reputation Research

Brand South Africa tracks, commissions, and analyses several sources of research and information regarding the Nation Brand’s global reputation exposure. Main sources of information...

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Unlike corporate brands, a nation brand, its performance, perceptions thereof, and its reputation is shaped by actions taken by citizens, business, civil-society, and government....