To this end Brand South Africa’s research tracks a wide variety of competitiveness, reputation, and related global studies and indices. Research furthermore aims to inform organisational strategy development, provide feedback to stakeholders on the performance and perceptions of the Nation Brand from several perspectives, e.g. Economic & Political Governance (Private & Public Sector); Competitiveness; Reputation; Domestic Perceptions; International Investor Perceptions; Culture, Heritage & People.

The goal is to monitor and evaluate over-all country performance in a highly competitive and uncertain global economy with extreme risks on the geopolitical front. Research therefore aims to support the work of Brand South Africa and stakeholders through the monitoring of Nation Brand Performance.

In addition to the research resources on the website, stakeholders can also access more detailed internal analysis documents by registering on the Knowledge Hub. Stakeholders are welcome to utilise the information available in the Knowledge Hub for their planning, stakeholder engagements, communications and marketing strategies and briefings to international delegations.

Global Governance plays a critical role in shaping the reputation of the Nation Brand. The Brand South Africa Nation Brand Performance presentation is anchored by perspectives on governance in global, corporate and political spheres.