Elections 2014: All you need to know


    A record number of voters will select from a record number of political parties when South Africa holds its fifth national democratic elections on 7 May 2014, as the country celebrates 20 years of freedom since the end of apartheid in 1994. We bring you a collection of articles on this historic vote.

    Image: Independent Electoral Commission

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    Watch: Why we’re voting in South Africa’s 2014 elections

    Hey, we get a day off work … South African comedians, musicians, actors and ordinary working people have come together for a video campaign to urge everyone in the country, come Wednesday 7 May, to just get out and vote. READ MORE

    Frequently asked questions about voting in the 2014 elections

    Why vote? Am I eligible to vote? Where do I vote? What are my rights as a voter? Read our plain English answers to these and many more questions about South Africa’s 2014 elections. READ MORE

    South Africa’s 2014 elections – a resource pack

    On 7 May 2014 South Africans will vote in the fifth democratic elections since the end of apartheid 20 years ago. We bring you a timetable leading up to the elections, a video for first-time voters, and useful contacts for finding out more about the election process. READ MORE

    Elections 2014: ‘Play your part peacefully’

    The Cabinet has called on South Africans to celebrate 20 years of freedom by participating peacefully in electioneering and voting in the country’s 7 May elections, “with tolerance for the right of all voters to express their opinions publicly and make their choice privately in the voting booth”. READ MORE

    Political parties pledge tolerance ahead of elections

    Political parties registered to contest South Africa’s 7 May general election on Wednesday signed the Independent Electoral Commission’s code of conduct, committing themselves to refrain from any acts of violence, incitement or intimidation in the lead-up to the polls. READ MORE

    Record number of parties to contest South Africa’s elections

    Twenty years into democracy, multi-party politics is flourishing in South Africa, with a record number of political parties set to contest the country’s fifth national and provincial elections on 7 May. READ MORE

    Elections 2014: A quick guide to all the parties

    On 7 May 2014 South Africans will vote in the country’s fifth national democratic elections, 20 years after the end of apartheid in 1994. We bring you a brief guide to the 152 parties voters can choose from – the established, the newcomers, and the outliers. READ MORE

    25.3-million South Africans good to vote

    Chief electoral officer Mosotho Moepya has certified South Africa’s voters’ roll, setting the stage for 25.3-million (25 390 150) voters to cast their ballots in the country’s national and provincial elections on 7 May. READ MORE

    South African voters’ roll at record high

    South Africa registered another 1.2-million voters on the final voter registration weekend ahead of the country’s general elections on 7 May, Independent Electoral Commission chairperson Pansy Tlakula said on Tuesday. READ MORE

    Celebrities drive South African youth vote campaign

    South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission is featuring popular musicians and media personalities in a multimedia advertising campaign in a bid to increase the youth vote in this year’s general elections. READ MORE