Career Planet



    CAREER PLANET is an enthusiastic, national NPO (not for profit) organisation committed to helping the unemployed youth of South Africa through our web, mobi and USSD sites.

    We, at CAREER PLANET, are extremely passionate about what we’re doing and the difference we are making in the lives of our youth.

    We provide a wide selection of resources to assist learners, students, job hunters and all opportunity providers which include institutions, corporates, small businesses and individuals.

    Here are a few examples of topics covered:

    • Choosing subjects at school
    • Bridging courses
    • Getting finance
    • Bursaries, apprenticeships, learnerships, etc
    • 100’s of job definitions
    • How to write a good CV
    • Preparing for job interviews
    • Personal development articles
    • Job opportunities
    • … and much, much MORE!

    We also have an interactive section, called “ASK US” where registered users can communicate directly with CAREER PLANET, where we offer career advice on any related question they have.

    Throughout the year, we facilitate workshops at schools and other educational institutions and attend relevant conferences, expos, seminars etc.

    We are dedicated to improving the lives of our South African youth.

    Due to the backgrounds of a large percentage of our target audience, we would love to leave a lasting impression – FREEBIES go a long way to getting our message home.

    Some of our biggest challenges we face – not having enough stationery to be able to conduct an effective workshop (notepads & pens for every learner) and not having enough prizes e.g. (cellphones, airtime vouchers, food vouchers etc.) to entice our youth or to reward registered users when they reach certain targets or milestones.

    Contact person: Thandy Tyhaliti
    Telephone: 021 447 4661/ 071 271 8249
    Address: 2nd Floor The Cape Town Science Centre, 370 B Main Road, Observatory, 7925