Helping showcase local talent


    I Petrus Morake suggest that now its time to start making some changes and start considering small areas and start to acknowladge all the good work people from less fortunate areas can do.

    I have got a good method of making our youth stay away from crime and to start considering themselves as masters and divas of their own destiny. I am sure most people realize that opportunities in South Africa revolove around big cities and towns as if we dont have the ability to promote ourselves in small areas.

    I therefor would like to make suggestion that it is now time to start giving equal opportunities within our people or youth then you will see how big south africa is.

    I have created a small organisation or production rather, whereby i have brought together all the talented youngsters within my area to showcase their talent in different ways. My vision is to eliminate crime from their lives and help them discover their dreams as well as help them stay focused on what they dream of. I actually like to see most youngsters reach the goals whereby they will grow up an realize that life is all about working hard, but my problem is that i can’t do this on my own as everything now a days is all about money.

    I can only make them invest so much of their time in this project as long as i got resources to keep them together. Together we can do more and I don’t have the financial muscle to help these kids reach their goal. I don’t need money but if I could get resources, I will keep on pushing.

    I know you might not get back to me but its fine and I wont stop trying, Because it is impossible to fail as long as you keep on trying.

    First name:Ramokolobeng Petrus
    Last name:Morake