Grow your own vegetable garden


    At Carty Carvenience in Garsfontein and at Woodlands Boulevard, we want to empower and uplift our own staff!

    On the morning of the 18th of July, Mandela Day, an expert in the making of vegetable gardens has trained the 40 previously disadvantaged young employees that work at our Car Wash & Valet and Dent Repair Departments in an informal session on how to grow their own veggies.

    The objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals and organizations to take action to help change the world for the better and to empower communities everywhere. Carty Carvenience has about 40 employees who fall into the ‘previously disadvantaged’ category. We have the privilege of offering these young people job opportunities and improving their skills on an ongoing basis, and wanted to offer them an even further opportunity to improve their lifestyle, and at the same time also invest in their health and skills.

    We came to the conclusion that to maintain one’s own vegetable garden is an ideal way to help achieve this goal. With this initiative, we hope to inspire them all to not only start a vegetable garden, but also maintain it and benefit from the produce that they can grow for themselves. We also motivated them to involve their children in the process of starting, maintaining en enjoying a vegetable garden.

    After the information session, each employee received a bag of compost and a variety of seed to start their own vegetable garden. The necessary tools were made available for them to take home to use, and we will provide seed in season on an ongoing basis to them in the future. A book with color illustrations and explanations on how to make and maintain you own vegetable garden that are distributed by the department of agriculture was also made available for all to use.

    On Mandela Day, 18 July – when our former president turned 95 – the first group at our Garsfontein branch got the opportunity to attend this information session at 7:30 in the morning. The group at our Woodlands branch had the same opportunity later in the day. Each session began with the singing of the National Anthem and a prayer for our country and for Pres. Mandela. Everyone was really inspired by the information and cannot wait to start their vegetable garden.

    We are looking forward to the first harvests and improvement of health and wealth of each person.

    First name: ANNELIE
    Last name: KRUGER
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    Telephone: 0129983541