The 5 tonne food drive


A locally based non-profit organisation Afrika Tikkun has embarked on a mission to collect 5 tonnes of non-perishable foods in order to feed over 10 000 under privileged families around the country.

This initiative has been put in place in support of Nelson Mandela Day where people around the world are encouraged to donate 67 minutes of their time doing something that will benefit the lives of other people in honour of Nelson Mandela and the 67 years of his life he donated to humanity.

The 5 tonnes of food is set to be collected in a giant 6 cubic metre bin outside the Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre in Sandton and distributed between the numerous Afrika Tikkun branches around the country with the surplus food being distributed between numerous NGO’s.

afrikatikkun-250Afrika Tikkun aims to create sustainable growth by getting involved in early childhood development through family support initiatives (Image: Afrika Tikkun)Africa Tikkun was founded in 1995 by the Late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris and Dr Bertie Lubner. The organisation gained fame in 1995 after Former president Nelson Mandela became the organisation’s chief patron after witnessing the impact the organisation had on impoverished South African communities stating; “Afrika Tikkun has proven that it has the ability to reach our disadvantaged population at the grassroots level. It provides physical help as well as hope and dignity to the recipients.”

Afrika Tikkun aims to create sustainable growth by getting involved in early childhood development through family support initiatives. “We try to look at the child within the family context by identifying the needs of the family and the child.”

“We work hand in hand with organisations like SANCA and Childline to ensure the welfare of the child,” says marketing and communications manager Nancy Chimhandamba.

Nancy also expressed her joy as the 5 tonne food drive had been more successful than expected. The bin was over flowing with maize meal, samp and canned foods hours before the set collection time. “We urge people to help with the harder task which is packing all the food for distribution.” The packing of the food will take place at the Afrika Tikkun centres in Braam Park and at the Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre on the 18th of July.

Afrika Tikkun also has a child development program that assists children between the ages of 0-6 with government grant applications and the placing of children in schools. For children 7-18 years old Afrika Tikkun facilitates an after school program that provides facilities like a library and computer labs to assist with homework and supply access to the internet.

Afrika Tikkun centres also supply basic health care and family support as part of their holistic approach to improving the lives of disadvantaged South Africans. “We provide essential services that strengthen families and develop children from Cradle to Career.” Says Nancy.

As a non-profit organisation Afrika Tikkun relies heavily on donations and corporate sponsorship as well as donations from government but encourage people to donate their time in their centres.

For more information contact Afrika Tikkun on Tel: +27 11 325 5914 or Fax: +27 11 325 5911. Alternatively you can contact Nancy personally by e-mail on