Brand SA aims to contribute to the objectives of the National Development Plan (NDP) by undertaking coordinated initiatives to build South Africa’s reputation and contribute to the country’s global competitiveness. It also aims to inspire and instill pride and patriotism amongst South Africans and to drive active citizenry


REF: SRM: G001

SALARY: R662, 857 – R805 299 (CTC)


To manage and influence relationships with key stakeholders prioritised in the strategic plan to promote the Brand SA’s branding and communications objectives in partnership with these stakeholders, to external audiences. To play a key programme manager role in the definition and delivery of projects through obtaining the brief, needs and expectations of the stakeholders and ensuring they are effectively addressed in the roll-out plan facilitated by Brand SA and through efficiently leveraging stakeholder resources. The programme manager is the main Brand SA custodian of the relationship with the stakeholder to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the collaborations.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science / Economics / Sales and Marketing / Business Management
  • Preferred: Postgraduate degree in Political Science / Economics / Sales and Marketing / Business Management (e.g. MBA)
  • 5+ years combined experience in marketing, communications, public relations, stakeholder relations, (account management) at a senior level
  • Track record of successfully brokering / negotiating collaborations and joint ventures in a highly political / pressured environment

Key Performance Areas:

  • Contribute to the development of the overall stakeholder management strategy
  • Establish the correct networks and channels and provide input on portfolio priorities, plans and budgets.
  • Feed market insights into the overall knowledge management system.
  • Contribute to the development of programme specific projects and initiatives
  • With reference to the Brand SA business plan and signed MOU’s with priority stakeholders, unpack, research and workshop
  • This would also involve ongoing press briefings, speech writing and setting the scene
  • Sell the project / initiative / campaign plan for buy-in and approval (sign off) with the stakeholder priority base (levels, locations, platforms, decision-makers, beneficiaries
  • Sell the project / campaign / initiative to the relevant stakeholder bases and decision-makers / beneficiaries to ensure buy-in in terms of the content, tone, roll-out mechanism(s), budget, audience target(s), collaborative ownership, time lines and output.
  • Facilitate and manage the stakeholder relationships in the delivery of the projects/ campaign / initiative plans
  • Facilitate, drive, and maintain the established relationships with key stakeholders on the signed-off projects
  • This also involves, on occasion, actual organising and delivery of meetings, events and functions.
  • Compliance, monitoring and reporting
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the stakeholder-implemented initiatives (including risks) and reflect this in the quarterly reporting
  • To scan the wider public policy environment to identify and exploit opportunities for future work where supportive of the strategic aims of Brand SA

Required Skills, Competencies and Attributes:

  • Strategic ability
  • Consultative
  • Presentation skills
  • Media management
  • Public relations
  • Marketing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Stakeholder management
  • Planning ability
  • Results oriented (output driven)
  • Follow-through ability
  • Willingness to work extended hours
  • Perform under pressure
  • Networking ability
  • Persuasive, Service oriented