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Research & Reports – Working papers


Our working papers provide insight into issues that impact on the South African psyche, national pride, and international reputation.

The research notes are essentially analytical pieces that highlight trends in reports on South Africa generated by external agencies, institutes and multilateral organisations, and civil society to discuss our position in the world, and uncover ways to give South Africa a competitive edge on the global stage.

The research notes also aim to highlight key findings, and to share research from studies commissioned by Brand South Africa with stakeholders and the nation.

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Research Update: Domestic Preceptions Survey

This research update reflects on a few issues pertaining to self-description, pride, media consumption and perceptions of how the media reports on issues in the domestic environment.
2016 | 1 April | VIEW DOCUMENT


Research note: the global reputation and competitiveness of South African cities

This research note looks at how South Africa’s cities match up to its global counterparts. The research is based on the 2015 City brands Index and the MasterCard African Cities Growth Index.
2016 | 8 March | VIEW DOCUMENT


Analysis: South Africa’s Performance in UN Development Programme Human Development Report 2015

The report analyses South Africa’s human development through its life expectancy, education and income per person. It also explains why South Africans today enjoy a longer, healthier life, have better access to education and a more decent living standard.
2016 | 4 March | VIEW DOCUMENT


Analysis: Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and Global Corruption Barometer

This research analyses the perceptions of corruption South Africans have of its leaders in public and private sectors.
2016 | 3 March | VIEW DOCUMENT


Presentation: Brand South Africa Research & Nation Brand Performance

This comprehensive presentation explains the Brand South Africa mandate and strategy, Brand South Africa Research, Nation Brand performance and reputation, Brand South Africa fieldwork and much more.
2016 | 2 February | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: The Nation Brand Index – perspectives on South Africa’s global reputation

This research note intends to share with Brand SA stakeholders key findings from the 2015 Nation Brand Index (NBI) report. Brand South Africa subscribes to the NBI with the purpose of identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities for the enhancement of the nation brand’s reputation both at home and abroad.
2015 | 18 November | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Active citizenship: intention versus reality

The intention to participate in community programmes is much higher than what reality displays, writes Leigh-Gail Petersen. The amount of active citizens playing their part in their communities is quite low, especially among youth. To drive and encourage active citizenry, Petersen suggests each South African gets involved in an initiative, big or small, to build communities which will drive change.
2015 | 3 November | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Report: The Ufa Declaration and its implications for the BRICS brand

The BRICS, a unique creation of five developing states, has been making quiet strides in the relatively short time since its inception. This research report argues that the 2015 Summit, hosted by the Russian Federation, was a landmark for the development, or, in more technical terms, the institutionalisation of the BRICS.
2015 | 30 September | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: The African Union & Agenda 2063 – Summary & Overview

The African Union adopted Vision 2063 as a roadmap for continental development, aligning thinking from across the continent and distilling it into a set of aspirations. This Research Note provides a snapshot of the aspirations and some key objectives contained in each.
2015 | 21 September | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Evolving the nation brand heritage through a collective heritage

Based on a discussion by a research reference group, this research note aims to create a national identity and a nation brand through our collective heritage.
2015 | 30 June | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Active citizenship and social cohesion

Findings on the level of citizen participation in all spheres of life and the extent to which South Africa is a socially cohesive society.
2015 | 30 June | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Can competitiveness be Africanised?

This research note asks how competitiveness is measured in the African context and whether the concept itself is problematic.


Research Note: A youthful population in a young democracy

Around 66% of the South African population is under the age of 34, making it one of the youngest countries in the world. This implies that South Africa has a healthy demographic sustain economic growth, innovation and social development well into the future.
2015 | 30 April | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: A nation united against xenophobia

When foreign nationals were attacked in April 2015, thousands of South Africans came together to help the victims.From setting up shelters for those displaced by the violence to delivering food, clothing and other necessities to relief centres, South Africans lived up to the principles of Ubuntu.
2015 | 30 April | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Working with the Nation Brand – Perspectives from Global South Africans living ‘Down Under’

One of Brand South Africa’s key international programmes focuses on Global South Africans – the country’s diaspora. Through the GSA network Brand SA endeavours to reach out to South Africans living and working abroad.
2015 | 10 April | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: A Brand of Optimism

Explore findings from Brand South Africa’s Domestic Perceptions Research.
2015 | 10 April | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: Lessons from the Investing in African Mining Indaba 2015

In terms of national competitiveness and reputation, mining remains a critical feature of the South African economy. This research note draws lessons from discussions at the Mining Indaba that are relevant not only to mining, but also the South African nation brand.
2015 | 20 February | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: South Africa achieving goals of the NDP through improved human development

Findings on South Africa’s performance in the 2014 United Nations Development Programme – Human Development Report.
2014 | 13 June | DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT


Research Note: South Africa’s performance in the UNDP Human Development Report

The National Development Plan acknowledges that South Africa still has a lot of work to do with regards to improving our human development profile. However, if one studies South Africa’s performance in the HDR it is clear that we have been making significant progress in a relatively short time.


Research Note: The value and importance of the South African Nation Brand

With the valuation of nation brands becoming increasingly important in a world where the competitive positioning of nation brands plays an ever-more significant role, this research note focuses on the 2013 results of the Brand Finance 2013 Nation Brands Report.


Research Note: South Africa’s performance in the 2014 Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Report

Exploring the key findings on the country’s competitiveness in the 2014 Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Report, this research note aims to inform the development of the second South African Competitiveness Forum, which Brand South Africa is set to host in November 2014.


South Africa’s performance in the 2014 Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Report

This research note explores the key findings on South Africa’s national competitiveness in the 2014 Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Report.


Research Note: International perceptions of South Africa in a complex emerging market environment

This report focuses on key findings from research that suggests perceptions of South Africa differ quite substantially between markets, and that there is a high level of awareness of the country as a place to do business and invest.


Thrive VI

Presentation of findings from a 2013 survey to determine the world’s perception of South Africa. This questioned 860 investors in 18 countries, including the US, UK, Nigeria, Kenya and Japan, as well as South Africa’s Brics partners Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Press release: Brand South Africa releases results of 2013 Thrive International Investor Perceptions Survey. MORE >