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Johannesburg, 29 November 2013 – Brand South Africa today hosted a special research seminar reflecting on the results of the 2013 Mo Ibrahim Index with a specific focus the South African governance. Participants included ambassadors and Consul Generals from other African countries resident in South Africa, academics, and representatives of the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA).

Participants deliberated on the presentation by Brand South Africa’s Dr Petrus de Kock focusing on the key findings and lessons for South Africa in light of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG).

The 2013 study saw South Africa retaining its 5th position in the overall rankings while ranking top of the 52 states in Public Management. The Index looks at 94 indicators

For South Africa, the most notable improvements in this year’s index are in the category of Sustainable Economic Opportunity where the country’s overall rank went from 8th in 2012 to 5th in 2013.

Improvements in the sub-indicators of this category include: Business Environment (6 to 5 in 2013), Infrastructure (12 to 7 in 2013), and the Rural Sector (22 to 21 in 2013)

“The importance of governance in the 21st century can never be underestimated. In the past decade African economies have grown at rates more than 5%. This brings about social change which in turn call on governments to implement more effective governance systems to serve the needs of changing economies and societies,” said Dr De Kock.

He further said, “If we look at South Africa’s demographic profile, we are quite unique in the Africa continent in that approximately 60% of our population is urbanized. This implies that governance systems at a local level should be geared to serve the needs of increasing the numbers of people living in the urban areas. However, this also means that the country will have to be responsive to the governance needs of the 40% rural citizens and this is precisely because South Africa’s ranking in the rural sector still has a lot of room for improvement,” concluded De Kock.

Brand South Africa has welcomed the IIAG findings and believes that over and above the peer review mechanisms already in place in Africa, independent studies such as these will boost the positive trajectory of the continent as a destination for inward flows of investment and tourism.

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