Quick facts on South Africa

Area: 1.2 million sq km
Population (Mid-2009 estimates): 49.3 million
Currency: 1 Rand = 100cents
Time: GMT + 2 hrs
Official Name: Republic of South Africa
Capitals: Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative), Bloemfontein (judicial)
Head of State: President Jacob Zuma
Main Languages: 11 Official languages. English preferred language of business
Religion: Predominantly Christian. Freedom of worship guaranteed by the Constitution
Form of State: Federal, comprising a central government and nine provincial governments
Legal System: Based on Roman Dutch law and 1996 Constitution
National Legislature: Bi-cameral parliament, elected every five years, comprising a 400- seat National Assembly and a 90- seat Council of Provinces
Electoral System: List-system with proportional representation based on universal adult suffrage
Total GDP 2009: R2,450 bn (at current prices)
GDP per Capita: R49,696
Real GDP Growth: -1.8%
Inflation 2009 (year-on-year) : CPI: 6.3%
PPI: 0.7%
Exports: Gold, minerals, diamonds, metals and metal products, foods, automotive components
Imports: Machinery, transport equipment, manufactured goods, chemicals, oil
Main Trading Partners: Germany, USA, UK, China, Japan, France
International dialing code: +27