Sinako We Can Youth Initiative


Well I took  a noble decision to support those who have walked the same path as me (teenage pregnancy path), but may want to give up, as well as those who have not yet had a ‘fall’, assisting them to get their priorities ‘right.

I have formed a youth initiative which tackles the issues faced by the youth (Teen pregnancy, peer pressure, low self esteem..The organisation is called Sinako We Can, and I formed this initiative with an aim to change people lives, and to bring back the ability to reach for their dream no matter what. I mean with I too was faced and been through teenage pregnancy, low self esteem and peer pressure has affected me in so many ways, but within that I had to overcome such things by being positive..

Not all of us are that capable of overcoming such things in our lives and if this is not taken care of it can lead to Suicide.

First name: Ntombekaya
Last name: Msutu
Email address:
Telephone: 073 963 3995