Draw our flag

Draw a rectangle in a proportion of 3 in the length to 2 in the width – 18cm x 12cm is a convenient size.
Using a pencil, divide the rectangle into three equal horizontal stripes.
Join the four corners with a diagonal cross.
On each side of the diagonal cross, which provides the centre line in each case, draw parallel lines. The distance between each set of lines should be one third of the width of the flag. Join the various lines as shown.
Within the V-shaped area, which extends from the corners at the flagpost to the outer edge of the fly, draw a series of parallel lines, the distance between which is in each case one-fifth the width of the flag. Join the appropriate lines as indicated and erase the remaining pencil lines.

Colour specifications for the flag

Textile colours
Green: CKS 42 c Spectrum green
Black: CKS 401 c Blue black
White: CKS 701 c National flag white
Gold: CKS 724 c Gold yellow
Red: CKS 750 c Chilli red
Blue: CKS 762 c National flag blue

Approximate Pantone equivalents
Green: 3415 c
Gold: 1235 c
Red: 179 c
Blue: reflex blue c

Green: #00d400
Gold: #d4d400
Red: #d40000
Blue: #0000d4