Nation Brand Performance


Unlike corporate brands, a nation brand, its performance, perceptions thereof, and its reputation is shaped by actions taken by citizens, business, civil-society, and government. To this end the Nation Brand Performance Monitoring conducted by Brand South Africa aims to identify competitive strengths, advantages, and challenges stakeholders should bear in mind when engaging with issues that impact on the Nation Brand.

Through platforms such as the South African Competitiveness Forum, Brand South Africa Research seek input from stakeholders on factors that shape the profile, reputation, and competitiveness of the nation brand.

For a full set of reports, presentations and analysis documents, please register on the Knowledge Hub. Stakeholders are welcome to utilise the information available in the Knowledge Hub for their planning, stakeholder engagements, communications and marketing strategies and briefings to international delegations.

Nation Brand performance presentation

Click here for a short version of the presentation. Note that the full pack of slides profiling the nation brand consists of the following:

1. Global Governance
2. Political Governance
3. Corporate & Economic Governance
4. Nation Brand profiling

South African Competitiveness Forum

Brand South Africa has engaged with a number of stakeholders since its inaugural South African Competitiveness Forum in 2013. From deepening insights into issues that impact on the competitiveness and reputation of the nation brand from provincial, metro- and city perspectives in 2015/16, to, more recently, engaging with experts on factors that shape the profile, reputation, and competitiveness of the nation brand through the University Dialogue.

Since establishing the SACF platform Brand South Africa has hosted the following engagements:

  • 2013 – Inaugural SA Competitiveness Forum
  • 2015 – SACF Focus Groups in all nine provinces
  • 2016 – Brand SA & University of Pretoria – Nation Brand University Dialogue

Open Papers

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