Imagine taking a spin across the country overlooking picturesque views in a proudly South African first of its kind hybrid SUV (sport utility vehicle). Well, this is soon to be a reality.

Business has confirmed its share of voice when it comes to rebuilding South Africa. While the country’s economy has been affected by the pandemic, the private sector continues to support government efforts by playing their part in restoring the country’s economic recovery plan as a collective private public partnership.

The recent announcement by Toyota South Africa and President Cyril Ramaphosa that the new Corolla Cross Hybrid compact SUV model will be produced in South Africa, comes at an opportune time of need. Toyota made a commitment of R2.43 billion investments earlier last year.

“With this investment, Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) is solidifying its long-term commitment to local manufacturing, as well as the South African automotive industry,” said TSAM President and CEO Andrew Kirby in a statement in 2020.

The investment will be beneficial in reducing unemployment and make a strong statement that South Africa has reliable resources for hybrid vehicle manufacturing and is globally competitive.

Toyota SA sees the Corolla Cross hybrid compact SUV model as the first most affordable hybrid model to be locally produced with sales scheduled to launch in November.

Toyota’s hybrid powertrain features the automaker’s self-charging technology, which means that owners do not have to plug the car into an electric socket to charge it. Instead, the electric battery can self-charge through the SUV’s petrol engine or by recovering energy via regenerative braking. This process is in a continuous loop, ensuring that the battery is always charged with enough power to engage electric vehicle (EV) mode.

Image source: Bandboom Media

Picture source: Bandboom Media

This is a proud moment for the country brand and we applaud Toyota for consistently strengthening its business relations with South Africa and contributing to positive economic growth.

Some interesting facts about the Toyota brand in South Africa;

  • Toyota South Africa was established 60 years ago and has become the leading automaker in South Africa
  • South Africa was first introduced to the Toyota Corolla in 1975
  • The Toyota Corolla is now in its twelfth generation
  • The Corolla Cross Hybrid is the most affordable vehicle of its kind in the country

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