Play Your Part Ambassador Caron Williams’ Crowning Glory: The Throne


By Roxanne Francis

As a nation, our greatest pride lies in celebrating the vibrancy and tenacity of trailblazers who have left a legacy, those making their mark in present times, and those yet to come.  One thing they all have in common is that they’ve stopped nothing short of impacting a generation.

Our Play Your Part ambassador and founder of The Throne Magazine, Caron Williams certainly fits the profile. “Being a black woman in South Africa, there was a time where everything my peers and I have been able to do was not possible pre-1994”, says Caron. “One could only dream about the future and its possibilities. Thus, I am so appreciative and just so grateful to be a young, black woman in South Africa living in an era filled with so many incredible possibilities and opportunities.”

Caron founded The Throne three years ago. It is a digital publication with the mandate to celebrate, profile and amplify the amazing work done by South Africans in the creative space. The Throne Agency is centered around social media, the internet, and the digital economy, a space that has become our fountainhead rather than recourse amid the global pandemic.

Says Caron: “COVID-19 had an unthinkable impact on the economy and a lot of industries.  The digital economy and landscape, especially for us as a digital publication, came at a time when we were prepared because we have always just ensured that we are geared to thrive in a digital environment. We have been able to grow our database, readership and community, as more people and businesses migrated to the digital space. COVID-19 has been a tough period but has also presented us with numerous growth opportunities.”

One such opportunity is the Multichoice Innovation Fund, of which The Throne was selected as a beneficiary. The Multichoice Innovation Fund, established in 2021, aids innovators in the tech, media and film spaces by enabling them with tools, skills and financial support to lead their business, and ultimately, innovation in South Africa, to the forefront. The Fund has been assisting The Throne in branching out to expand their full-time team, offering sound business management advice and introducing exclusive marketing opportunities.

All that’s left to do now, is to watch and be inspired as Caron and her empire The Throne, takes its rightful place. For any creatives contemplating whether or not to take the plunge, Caron says: “Tech innovation is the number one digital landscape that provides an opportunity for us to spread positivity, share inspirational stories and really try to uplift the sentiment of our country. Fundamentally it’s about solving economic and societal issues”.

Are you ready to Play Your Part in innovation?

Read more about The Throne here.

To find out more about the The Multichoice Innovation Fund, click here. Applications close on 31 May 2021.