She Who Dreams – an inspirational woman who makes things happen


Elle Reve – translated from French means She Dreams. These words define the 24-year old Human Resources professional, founder of She Who Dreams, entrepreneur and philanthropist – Luyanda Duma. She recently obtained a post-graduate qualification in Human Resources at the University of Johannesburg, and is currently building a career in the human capital industry.

With a purpose to support and invest in women to achieve their wildest dreams, Luyanda launched She Who Dreams in 2020. Her first project was set to be a custom-made productivity merchandise and stationery provider, designed to assist women and serve as a daily reminder to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. The customised stationery is for the woman who is not only climbing up the corporate ladder of success, but breaking her personal barriers, challenging herself and continuously sets the iconic standards high.

Facing her fears and taking a financial risk, Luyanda decided to follow her dreams. She refused to listen to the “corporate stationery already exists” critics, defied her funding limitations and went ahead, even with the presence of negative voices telling her it could not be done. Two months post the launch, She Who Dreams has sold out its first collection, and Luyanda has just released the second design for her fellow corporate colleagues titled The Corporate Queen Collection which is available for purchase at

“I wanted to start something that is me, something that speaks to me. Something that makes me commit to my goals and dreams and gives me the chance to see what I am building. What a privilege it has been to wake up every single day to hustle for what I believe in and when people ask me what I do, I always say I’m doing what I love. I hope that the stationery I provide gives women the opportunity to prioritise their dreams and make them come true, and one day when they are asked, I hope they can say with pride that they followed their dreams”, said Luyanda.

“In celebration of International Women’s Day, I urge women to #ChoosetoChallenge their fears and the imposter syndrome in them. I encourage them to challenge the doors that have closed and the no’s they received. I challenge them not to go after titles because that has no meaning, but to go for roles where they can make a change. Know your abilities, know your worth and walk away from anything that serves you less than that. Only make moves when your heart is in it and believe that the sky is the limit,” concluded Luyanda.

Images: Instagram