The beginning of Yolz Beauty by Yolenda Jawe


According to The Africa Report, South Africa and Nigeria are the biggest markets for personal care and cosmetics in Africa, with an estimated worth of US$3,29-billion and US$1.75-billion respectively. Whether it’s natural hair care, nail maintenance, facial cosmetics or skincare, South African women are starting to take the entrepreneurial opportunity to bring real and relatable brands to the online and physical shopping counters in an effort to modify the beauty industry and to finally ‘Give The People What They Want’ as Bonang Matheba would say.

31 July 2020 marked a new beginning for Yolenda Jawe as she opened the online doors of Yolz Beauty. Yolz Beauty is a women-centered skin and beauty brand that uses nature’s hydrating properties to enhance the health and radiance of skin. The products are nutrient rich and mainly contain natural ingredients aimed to hydrate thirsty skin, re-plump skin as well as assist consumers in maintaining luminous, healthy skin.












Her entrepreneurship is not only motivated by the aspiration to make revenue and be her own employee, but a yearning to do something that she is passionate about and contributes to making women feel good about themselves. The opportunity to contribute to the growing #SelfCare movement is not just for profit, but she prides herself in doing something that is meaningful at the same time.

“Reflecting on the past month, I certainly have been busy leading up to the launch. My weeks have been full on 10 to 12-hour work-days and I’m even dreaming of work. But just knowing each day contributes to building my dream empire truly fuels and fulfils my heart and trust that each of you are at the centre of this heartbeat. I cannot thank my hunnies (referring to her Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers) enough for your endless and relentless support. I already know that Yolz Beauty is ours, not mine alone!” said Yolenda.

Despite the uncertain start to 2020 due to the global pandemic, the beauty industry continues to grow with the introduction of products being created, new technologies and women always want to invest in themselves to feel good and look good. For Yolenda Yolz Beauty is more than just a step to add to a beauty regime but also an opportunity to create jobs for other women and empower people.

“I am still pinching myself because it feels unreal. I created this for every girl and guy who longed to see themselves represented on products they use and enjoy. The Yolz Beauty products are formulated to hydrate and radiate the beauty of the African skin. The products are for us, by us. For the child whose big dreams seemed impossible to reach – well here’s all the proof you need” she concluded.