Nelson Mandela Appreciation Dinner, Mzansi-style in China
















Nelson Mandela, father of the nation and a global icon whose noble actions and legacy of active citizenship continue to inspire many, seven years on from his passing.

On the 18th of July, which is Nelson Mandela International Day, the world comes together to celebrate Mandela’s birthday and honour his legacy by taking action and making a positive impact on the world. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held on 18 July 2010. The day is a call to action for people to spare 67 minutes of their time to help the less fortunate and ideally make everyday a Mandela day.

Ms Xolisile Sithole, a Global South African living in Chengdu, China celebrated Mandela International Day with other Global South Africans and citizens of Chengdu with a Nelson Mandela Appreciation dinner.

“The is dinner is a thank you to Mandela for all that he did for South Africa and all its people. We served a nine-course dinner, at Fairmont Hotel Chengdu, with each dish representing a South African province essence. Thank you to Fairmont’s Executive chef Eddie Mair for his creativity and enthusiasm for this event as well as South African Culinary Lecturer, Ayanda Mda for curating the menu”, expressed Ms Sithole.

Having spent 27 years in prison, and being an advocate for freedom it goes without saying that Mandela’s message rings more true in the year 2020. A year that has highlighted the value and importance of freedom, since COVID-19 shifted and changed everything society had come to know as the norm.

“I am so grateful to Brand South Africa’s Global South African programme for their support. To the Nelson Mandela Foundation for continuing the life of Nelson Mandela and to South African Tourism for gifts for all of the guests. Thank you, to Fairmont Chengdu for their hospitality and beautiful venue, I am so excited to have hosted this precious event with you”, further adds Ms Sithole.

In the words of Mandela; “When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore, why I will sleep for the eternity.”

“These words resonate power and Mandela Day is a day for everyone, an aide-mémoire for us all of the importance of liberation be it from ourselves, others, or injustices that we may face in the world. Keep resting, Tata we will continue living the legacy” concludes Sithole.

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