The African story is one of unique colourful diversity in culture, language and cuisine and has seen the global stage emulate it in admiration. Bridging the gap between authentic African offering in places such as Asia is a young African female storyteller, intercultural experiences creator and founder of AfroAsian, Ms Perpetua Mbali.

As South Africa commemorates Youth month, Mbali exudes the liberation afforded to her and many young South Africans by the fearless class of ’76 through her organisation AfroAsian – a culturally driven startup based in Shanghai, China.

As a Global South African flying the South African flag with pride, Mbali’s global platform effectively supports small businesses in the AfroAsian diaspora where all people can expand their perception about Africa and Asia, creating synergy, collaboration, knowledge and experiences between these two worlds.

Quick facts about these two continents is that Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia. The Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants. The two continents have a culture of ancestor worship and have respect for elders and share a colonial heritage and duality of language like local and colonial. Rice is central to the cuisine of both continents and China is Africa’s top trade partner.

It’s Brand South Africa’s Global South African Programme, which promotes Nation Brand advocacy, we are able to know of and shine the spot light on Mbali. The programme, aims to develop a network of citizens living and working abroad from business to government, urging them to contribute towards the promotion of a positive country brand image.

As the world fights a global pandemic, Mbali is playing her part through various activities that showcase the spirit of Ubuntu and generosity an Africa we want can be lived through unity. The ethos of Ubuntu lives on even across the globe, as Global South Africans continue to work unison.

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